Speed loves quality

Anyone who has been for a while working in continuous improvement has heard several times the motto: “Lean is for speed, 6sigma is for quality” in any of its multiple versions. I was trained myself in 6sigma before I started working with Lean experts. I used to believe that Lean was just about speed. But this is false.

These posts by Mark Graban can help anybody see why:



One of the best parts in my opinion is this:

“I asked my NUMMI-trained plant manager back in 1996 which thing our plant had to fix first – quality or productivity.

He wisely said “Both. They go hand in hand.”

And this is very true. Speed without quality makes no sense, but quality without speed is also a bad option. Speed drives quality for many reasons: quicker learning cycles, problems are easier to see (since smaller batches are possible), problems can be fixed quicker (ever faced a company with a slow system to implement improvements?), etc…

No doubt, speed loves quality.

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