Up and down


This is the cathedral of Salamanca, Spain. It’s old and beautiful so it’s always full of visitors trying to get access to it, especially the gothic towers. The stairs that go up are narrow and long (it takes approx. 2 minutes to go to the top) and there is little room to move. In the past people tried to go up to the tower when other people were going down from the tower, so problems were frequent: people getting stuck and nervous, some panic attacks, long queues. The result: unhappy visitors.

Today there is a visual system that controls the flow of people. Surprisingly, this simple screen has made a big difference. Well, maybe it’s not such a big surprise: it is visually easy to understand, it combines color, graphs and text, and tells everybody in a very effective way if they are allowed to go or if they have to wait (and how long). Now the visitors know what to expect, no more hurries, no more frustration. Instead, there is a very good flow of people going up and down quietly and enjoying the visit. And best of all, people can organize themselves without any external help. Self management in place!

These are the wonderful views over the city from the top of the tower. It’s worth the wait!

IMG_3743 IMG_3762

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