3 videos with all you want to know about daily meetings

Daily meetings are basic for Lean Management. Are they simple? Oh, yes! And this is probably why they are so powerful and so easy to misuse. These are some questions and answers about how to run daily meetings:

  • What can you use daily meetings for? Daily meetings may have many functions, but are typically used to review actions, projects and key performance metrics. This review is a means for a higher purpose: align your people, help your people understand your business, help your people improve the processes they work in, grow your people developing them as great problem solvers.
  • How do you review projects? There are many ways. A good starting point is to check project milestones (using a Green – Yellow – Red status panel) with the project team. Whenever the team finds a problem, understand the nature of the issue and agree an action to solve it (using an Actions Panel).
  • How do you review metrics? Find out your main KPIs (Key Process Indicators) and look for trends. Again, a status panel will work great (Green = trending in the right direction, Red = trending in the wrong direction, Yellow = no changes) and your main goal is still to understand problems and find solutions.
  • Hmm, are you serious about “daily”? Yes!
  • Really? Absolutely! Checking actions or metrics too late makes it almost impossible to understand the root cause of the problem. Therefore nobody can put a meaningful action in place.

Check out this video by The Gemba Academy for more details:

  • How can you run a daily meeting? A typical agenda is: a) review metrics; b) review actions/projects; c) everybody shares: “what I did yesterday”, “what I will do today”, “what’s in my way” (a.k.a. “what help I need to keep progressing)
  • Anything else to keep in mind? It is a good idea to standardize the way you use your boards. Keep the agenda and the meeting rules visible and make sure everybody understands and follows them. This will avoid many problems and it makes possible to have a different leader everyday, which is also a good thing to consider.

More information in this video by Rocket Matter:

  • Any advice on the rules to follow? Of course, these are generally good ideas:
    • Daily meetings are standing meetings: They will go faster and more to the point.
    • Have a clear agenda agreed with the team members.
    • Everybody is invited to talk.
    • Keep an appropriate level of detail.
    • Avoid side conversations. Avoid mobiles and computers.
    • Start on time, finish on time.
    • Be visual (panels, sticky notes and magnets are better than computers)
    • Keep it short (15 minutes should be ok)

More information in this video by Agile Videos:

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